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Outburst Queer Arts Festival

@ The Black Box, Belfast 




Donalín Nic Fhearchair

Analia Couceyro

Dani Nega

Lighting Design Alan Mooney

Producer Natalia Malo

Images: Outburst Queer Arts Festival

Since the lockdown in 2020, Outburst has been working in partnership with two vital queer arts festivals, FAQ in Buenos Aires and Risco in Saõ Paulo, to deep dive into what queer solidarity and creative exchange can mean across languages and borders. After an incredible online project that saw queer artists, activists, thinkers and visionaries from Northern Ireland, Argentina and Brazil
come together for conversations, we produced Translating Kuir, a publication about radical queer potential in troubling times.

Taking their inspiration from these conversations, our festivals invited three queer artists to come together for creative residencies to explore how we might communicate about change, mutuality and queer possibility. The result is an ongoing work of ritual intent, where music, words, languages and voices from the past bend notions of time and dance to a new beat, reminding us that revolutionary change is made by all of us, together, now.

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